Monday, August 10, 2009


Hi and welcome to The Texan Patriot.

I created this site on 8-10-2009, because I think I am much like you. I have sat and watched our government lowly but steadily, restrict, remove and change our basic liberties as defined by our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. We read, we stay informed, be stay complacent. We are the middle class. We are educated, have busy lives, jobs, kids, pets, and homes. We are many colors, many religions, many political affiliations, but we all share one thing in common. Our government has abandoned us to pursue its own interest. If we remain complacent, compliant, and detached we will lose our liberty and our republic will die for all intensive purposes.

I love my country. I refuse to sit back and watch people many of whom I voted for take my money, from my labor and use these resources to destroy the very things I love. I would like to have my child grow up in a country where life liberty and the pursuit of happiness are things an individual can achieve rather than have these rights bestowed by our government on who they deem worthy. I would prefer for our children not be burdened with TRILLIONS of dollars of debt that we as a country cannot repay for generation.

We can't afford to wait. Its time to to get off your duff and get involved. I will post here news that I believe is relevant. Feel free to comment (agree or disagree). We will not tolerate racist comments here, and lets keep discourse civil.

We are Texans. Remember the Alamo. We fought for independence once with the gun, now lets do it with our voice, our time, and our votes. We can.......we MUST bring about reform to our government bringing back into sync the roles and limits dictated by the US Constitution.

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  1. Look at the town hall meetings across the country. The silent masses are rapidly awaking from their slumber. The inside the beltway crowd have utter contempt for the rest of the country. People are afraid of their government with such hot button issues as nationalized health care, cap and trade and card check just to name a few. Given what these agenda will bring us in the way of lost liberty and prosperity people are fighting back. These are not the rent a mobs that a community organizer would push to protest free trade, war on terror (oops that one is gone) or what ever the grievance de jour is. These are people that have probably never protested anything in their lives and they are scared of what their government is going to take away from them. Honest hard working people should not fear their government.