Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Are we ready to allow this?

If you don't believe this, then google Betsy McCaughey and find her article in the Wall Street Journal. I'm about ready to march on Washington . How about you?

Are we ready to allow this?

Betsy McCaughey (pronounced McCoy) who is the former Lt. Gov. of New York and is devoting her life right now to telling the truth about Obama and his health-care bill. I went to the site and listened to the audio from his show with Betsy and she had read page 425 and 426 of the bill and (sit down) it states that all Social Security recipients will be required to report for counseling every 5 years where they will be encouraged to learn about and consider for themselves assisted suicide, refusal of advanced care, refusal of
nutrition, encouragement of hospice care only with certain conditions and on and on. If a person is identified to have a serious illness such as cancer, heart disease and so on, then they will have to report every year for counseling about how to end their lives the quickest and cheapest way. Also, Social Security members and seriously ill folks will be forbidden to pay more out of their own pockets for extra treatments.

I copied all this down and wrote down the web address as http://tinyurl.com/mcmq6h

Also look at www.Defendyourhealthcare.com for more info. I am not dreaming this, this was on national radio yesterday.

Please spread the word. I just called Senator Hutchison's office and talked to the person there and asked her if they were aware of this and they said yes, they knew about it and people were calling all day

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