Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another monent of truth from the Socialist party of America

From the liberal MSNBC Rep Wiener (d-NY) lays out the real socialist agenda of the democratic party.

By the way "overhead" includes payment to doctors, salaries of employees and such. I wonder how many unemployed insurance workers would exist if this idiotic bill gets rammed down our throats.

How many of our pension funds, IRA, 104K, and Roths will lose significant value with the demise of these companies.

Why are these issues not being addressed?

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  1. Absolutely stunning.

    I challenge the efficiency that the Marxist from New York claims. 4% overhead? Look at the British healthcare system and how the ratio of employees to hospital beds has climbed over the decades. BTY by employees I don’t doctors and nurses I mean pencil pushing bureaucrats.

    Perhaps the cash for clunkers program will give you a view of government confidence. The Marxist wants to say what does insurance do? WTF the does the dept of education do? Perhaps should nationalize all farms and put in the dept of agriculture. The Marist should know that the 1960’s Medicare bill was the camel’s nose in the tent. The Marxists that planed Medicare were off by a facture of ten and what the cost would less then fifteen years out.

    “Fascinating discussion” yes Marxism vs Liberty the discussion about what our country will be our children and grandchildren. 50 years from now old people (should there be any) will be telling their grandkids they could remember I day when they could go to the grocery store and buy what every food item they wanted when ever they wanted. In the good old days when we got sick we saw a real doctor training in this country back when we had medical schools. It is such a shame that in 2059 when you get enter a lottery to seen by a clerk that doesn’t speak English and can’t the four question health survey cards.