Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Warren Buffet finally wakes up

At first, well even to this day I have wondered why a man I considered a financial genius would back the economic plan as put forth by the Obama administration. There has never been a nation that spent its way to prosperity. Well it looks like Mr. Buffet woke from his long nap and finally has something to say that makes sense.

Politicians will not likely have the will to raise taxes or slow spending, so they may opt to quietly let inflation increase, a move that will "confiscate" wealth and allow the United States to evolve into a "banana republic economy", he said.

Warren Buffet finally wakes up

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  1. Warren Buffet is greedy miser. Yes, he is a brilliant investor but that where his taste for freedom starts and stops. To Buffet it is ok if you make fortune as long as you do it investing with him. There are just two many like him, left wing billionaires. He could not have buyer remorse now we got the government he and his billionaire friends paid for.